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I'm a Christian cradle Anglican presently attending (1) Church of Our Lord (ANiC) at 626 Blanshard St., Victoria, B.C. I'm single having marriage number one annulled and being divorced from my second. I have non-identical twin boys, age 28 named "JD Vickers" and "Benjamin H.L. Vickers". I have contact with JD but regrettably Ben through me out his life about 10 years ago.

While it would be great if I could make a living from this company as I once did that is no longer the case. Now I live on a small CPP Disability pension for which I am thankful and look to this company for the extras which make life enjoyable. I run this company like a (2) hobby; it pays its own way and a bit more. And it gives me things to do to keep active/busy, a daily sense of purpose and self-worth.     


(1) I built, host and maintain this church site.

(2) The more interesting/challenging your project is the more determined I am.

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