In light of recent security related issues I'm giving serious consideration to requiring a "Two Factor Authentication" for any remote login. For those of you with cPanels, if this were adopted you would have a set amount of time, generally 30 seconds to enter a six digit numerical code anfter entering your Login and Password. Fail to do this and you do not get in. The problem is this, as I see it, I can force you to set a longish password, say 16, 24 or 32 characters and to use numbers, letters and special characters upper and lower case. But no matter how strong a password you have if a hacker sets their mind to break it they can do it in under 2 minutes!

Some of you may well be saying well who cares there is nothing on my website the hacker would want. Ok fair enough but what if by hacking something they find some information that leads them to hack something else and so on. Even unique, one-use passwords can be broken.

I've not made up my mind but I'm trying this out on a couple of my WordPress sites.

Monday, April 27, 2015

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