Two Factor Authentication

In light of recent security related issues I'm giving serious consideration to requiring a "Two Factor Authentication" for any remote login. For those of you with cPanels, if this were adopted you would have a set amount of time, generally 30 seconds to enter a six digit numerical code anfter entering your Login and Password. Fail to do this and ... Read More »

27th Apr 2015
.INFO Registry Price Increase

Effective May 1, 2015 our .INFO price will increase by $1.

1st Apr 2015
ALERT! Notice of Hacking

Over the past 5 weeks, or so, someone(s) has been actively trying to hack us. Yesterday March 20, 2015, in the wee hours, they succeeded and deleted every website we host! I'm happy to report that all was fully restored within 2 hrs of this discovery.

21st Mar 2015
NOTICE: Scheduled Downtime

This is to inform you that our data center partner is migrating servers in our Vancouver location to a new building in order to perform facility upgrades. We are expecting up to 45 minutes of downtime as the servers need to be powered down, unracked, transported to the new facility, re-racked, and booted up. The r6-vancouver server is scheduled ... Read More »

17th Mar 2015
Reportedly ISIS hacked Douglas St. Pentecostal Church Website

I'm reporting 2nd hand news. But I was told a little while ago of the subject incident and thanked for being security minded. So next time I force you change your password try to remember it is a very different world we live in today.

9th Mar 2015
Excessive Bandwidth Usuage

Be advised our Level 2 support staff are looking into this problem which is currently effecting one addon Domain. This domains BW usuage has from an average of 170 Megs per day to a daily average of 2 Gigs per day or about 1200%. More when it is known.

29th Jan 2015
Are you concerned about privacy?

We recommend these for your hosting account

17th Jan 2015
Domain Parking - A new service

Park A Domain

16th Jan 2015
.NET Price Increase effective Feb 1 2015

There will be a price increase of $0.75

13th Jan 2015
Price increase in 2015

Due to our costs being higher on the new Canadian servers we regret this but we much increase our prices. The new hosting rates are now posted at

23rd Dec 2014

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