.NET Price Increase of $US 1.00

Coming Jan 31 2018

26th Jan 2018
Welcome to our new store, on our

New Canadian Data Center.  New stuff everywhere e.g.: 1 new hosting option "Basic", new SSL options, new Website builder, new logo to signify that we are in Canada, host in Canada!  Yeah Canada!!!

16th Aug 2017
.CA Domain Name Price Increase

On Oct 1 2017 the .CA Domain names (New, Renewal, Transfer) will increase by $1.00

27th Jul 2017
Early July 26 Server Issues

The server issues of early today have been fixed. In one case the server had to be physically replaced. As many of you know our Data Centre is in Vancouver, B.C. but there are several other Data Centres in North America, Europe and in other countries. At any given moment one or more physical servers could be having issues.You can check the status ... Read More »

26th Jul 2016
We are GREEN!

John Vickers Hosting is a GREEN hosting company which is so important these days.

26th Jul 2016
.ORG Price increase of $2 on August 1, 2016

There is a $2 price increase for .ORG domain names I wanted to inform you about. The .ORG Registry is increasing the price for all Registrars and as a result, we will be increasing the pricing for the .ORG TLD which will be reflected within your account.

26th Jul 2016
WordPress 4.4.2 has been released

If you have a Wordpress based website hosted by us chances are it will be auto updated over the next 48 hours.
Please report any problems as soon as you become aware of them.

Thank you

2nd Feb 2016
.NET Registry Price Increase

.NET Registry increase of $CA 0.75 takes effect Feb 1, 2016

6th Jan 2016
January 2016 Billing and New Service

Those of you who receive billing in January may receive these invoices before the end of December 2015. Most of you will see a small increase in hosting costs due to rising costs to us and the current US / CA exchange rate. For example if last year you paid $10 per month, this year it will be $11.The other new thing is our Site Maintenance Plans Read More »

9th Dec 2015
Outgoing Mass eMail

Recently a new limit of 100 outgoing emails, per batch, was setup as another step in the ongoing war on SPAM.

9th Dec 2015

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